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Our Spin-Offs

We like to jump into the entrepreneur's shoes and launch start-ups ourselves gaining valuable hands-on experience.

We are entrepreneurs at heart. We love spin-offs and doing business. We enjoy trying new ventures, participate in others, build great teams and make things happen. We 've had our share of failures and enjoyed successes, so we know how it feels when it comes to execution.

  • adface
  • adweb
  • arbo-media
  • cosmomusica
  • crystalia
  • musicstart
  • real-stars
  • social-brands
  • souvenir-shop
  • startup-day
  • startupnation
  • web-awards
  • web-fruits

Companies we founded/co-founded

We established the company, acquired customers, generated revenue and managed to exit in some cases in:

Greek Souvenirs Online Shop, 1997 ArboMedia Sales Media House, 2001 M-Models Agency, 2003 Crystalia Fashion, 2004 RealStars Celebrities Management, 2005 Web Fruits Web Development Agency, 2006 SocialBrands Social Media Agency, 2007 AdWeb Online Media Sales House, 2008 KnowCrunch Professional Training, 2010

Events we produced

We organized and ran the event, worked on the agenda and panelists, acquired sponsors, sold tickets and promoted:

Web Awards Contest (Ermis Digital), 1998 Interactive Advertising Forum, 2002 Mobile Marketing Forum, 2007 Cosmo Musica Forum, 2009 Startup Day Pitching Event, 2009

Spin off products & services we launched

We worked from idea to execution of a prototype, pricing, promotion, distribution and of course technology for:

Web Lexicon Portal, 2001 AdFace Business Social Network, 2008 Music Start Real-Tones Subscription Service, 2009 Neemo Social Media Monitoring Tool, 2010 Startup Nation Online Directory, 2014
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