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Maria Tsiliakou

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Partner Legal Counselling

Maria is a Partner in the firm. She is an Attorney at Law with expertise in business and corporate law.

Born in 1974, she is an Attorney at Law with expertise in business and corporate law, daily handling the legal affairs of many large companies. For nearly two decades Maria provides legal services to hundreds of companies and individuals seeking legal protection in their commercial affairs. She also offers legal advice to multinational as well as to start up companies that in particular need in their start an effective legal protection.


Maria is practicing law since the mid 90s. She has an LLM in business law and extensive experience in the establishment and whole practice of companies of all legal forms. She has systematically dealt with copyright vesting cases and she is considered as an excellent connoisseur of the particularities of the Greek private market. She also is one of the few Greek lawyers who holds the title of the arbitrator in Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Check Maria's CV on LinkedIn.

Fields of expertise

Commercial transactions, Corporate buyouts - mergers, Founding of any legal partnership form in Greece and/or countries of the European Union, Offline and Online Business, Dispute settlement B2B, Dispute settlement B2C, Legal protection of partners and shareholders.

Maria in her own words

My legal experience in the field of law practice has taught me that big troubles can be avoided from the early beginning. If we are one step ahead of the developments, if we have legal support in every step we make, then we can be protected from many traps that could occur and cost us in money, time and/or mental fatigue. Sentimentalism does not fit in the private market, nor can we do experimental work, especially when we make our first steps in the private market. I think the safest way for a successful legal support and general professional recognition is consistency. These steps I always follow in my career, so the same steps I try to transmit to the people I serve.

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