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Niki Koulouri

Niki Anandi Koulouri Speaking

Partner Corporate Training

Niki, is a Partner in the firm. She is a Systemic Coach, Corporate Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker.

Born in 1967, Niki Anandi has more than 25 years of operating experience as an entrepreneur, employee, consultant, trainer. She does HR development, coaching, and training (she is a certified professional adult Trainer from National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance). In her work with people and organizations she utilizes the Enneagram, a model that encapsulates the 9 basic types of human personality and their intricate relationships.


As an Executive

Niki has been working since 1987 as a Sales Manager in different companies and organizations in Southern Europe. She has experience into telecommunications, technology, learning, coaching and executive training. Check Niki's CV on LinkedIn.

Fields of expertise

Sales, Customer Service, Communication, Training, Team Dynamics, Leadership, Change Management, Conflict Management, Personal Development – Self Awareness, Life and Business Coaching, Integrative Counseling.

Niki in her own words

I love to design, implement and facilitate workshops/programs or experiential learning programs in order to achieve breakthrough results in a radically changing world. I inspire and empower people to take charge of their lives and their business. I provide them with the tools they need to live a mindful life, full of meaning, purpose, creativity and happiness.

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