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Tolis Aivalis

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Managing Partner Business Strategy

Tolis, Founder and Managing Partner of the firm, is a Marketing Strategy Technologist. He is an international mentor, professional, speaker and entrepreneur.

Born in 1973, he loves using disruptive innovative models on business and society. He helps promising businesses and talented people move their ideas forward. He has substantial management experience with a track record of innovation.


As an Executive

Tolis has been working since 1996, holds almost two decades of executive management hands-on experience in media, B2B/B2C internet, advertising, music, gaming and mobile managed services. Check his full CV on LinkedIn.

As a Keynote Speaker & Moderator

Occasionally, Tolis participates as an avid speaker in international events covering soft skills, music, digital, social media, internet, mobile, gaming and entrepreneurship. He is a frequent guest lecturer in several universities/colleges and participates as a trainer in executive courses.

As an Entrepreneur

Tolis loves making ideas happen. He founded several start-ups and obtained a hands-on valuable experience into consumer internet, retail, gaming, advertising, music. He failed with some of them, survived with 4 and achieved 1 merger (SocialBrands) and 2 acquisitions (Web Awards, Adface).

As a Consultant & Mentor

Tolis is still an active management consultant, and a selective volunteer mentor. He worked together with hundreds early or mature stage businesses into technology, bio-med, media, advertising, mobile, gaming, music, hardware, software, consumer internet, marketplaces, SaaS and online retail. Check what Tolis and our team can do for you.

Tolis in his own words

I love being social and respect talented people/teams and try my best to meet them. I love hands-on implementation working with others to deliver voice to a global market using innovation.

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