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Trying to validate your business? Worry your business plan doesn't look 'OK', is outdated, or doesn't cover all your business goals and is missing important information?

The challenge

Businesses often fall back with day to day operations and forget to keep their business model updated to the market standards, or their business plan updated. These are the most important when it comes to fund raising, new business ventures, or bringing new team members and partners in-line.

Our solution for your company

We offer an one-stop fast track business check-up. We check your business model & plan to make sure it tracks your progress, plans all your strategies and includes the basic requirements for your market. We make sure everything is properly presented. We identify gaps or inconsistencies, benchmark it against similar companies, and provide comments on specifics that require revision to improve the logic and clarity.

Consulting & Mentoring

We can provide personalized/customized professional mentoring & execution for your business acceleration:

Corporate Governance Check-up
We check your organizational chart, agreements, cap tables, intellectual property, patents, trademarks, human resource policies, company registration.
Marketing Check-up
We check your image & identity, products & services, product mix, revenue models & streams, communication channels & budget, distribution channels, materials.
Technology & Innovation Check-up
We check your developed projects & platforms, innovation & value proposition, information technology.
Financials Check-up
We check your costs, projections & forecast, cash flow, treasury, profits, revenue, expenses, margins, return of investment, informal valuation.
Operations Check-up
We check your business processes, supply chain, inventory, timelines, action plans.
Sales Check-up
We check your sales results & cost, customer acquisition/loyalty/retention strategy, profit margins, sales motivation & bonuses plans.
Business Plan Check-up
We review your business plan and all your formed strategies, descriptions, action plans, proofs, sources, assumptions, information availability.

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