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Looking to create a company registration, expand your business or obtain representation in the U.S. market?

Should I move to the USA?

Knowing which type of company you need, in which state, how much, when, if you need a physical presence, address, bank, having the right contacts, understanding and knowing local market is most of the times an unpleasant adventure. Doing the right thing could affect your company's future.

Our solution for penetrating the U.S. market

We help entrepreneurs form their company in the right place and time, we provide proper support on legislative and financial issues, and we become the bridge between the USA and your country. We offer networking, guidance, business or sales representation and we can escort you during your roadshow in the USA.

Company Registration & Representation

We can provide personalized/customized company formation consulting & setup services for your business:

US Company Formation & Registration
Choose an incorporation lawyer, choose a state, choose a business structure, name registration, prep and filling of documents, bylaws, employer identification number (EIN), action by sole incorporator, board/shareholders consent, restricted stock purchase agreements, stock certificates compliance kit, official company seal, corporate bank account.
Corporate Governance
Equity stock types, mergers & acquisition, cap table, intellectual property rights & transfer, taxation issues.
Business Development
Locate, evaluate, contact, meet relevant prospects.
Vendors, suppliers and professional services arrangement.
Local Market Research
Research local ecosystem, big players, fund & investors, suppliers, target group, strategic partners, competition, distribution & promotion channels, market & business specific legislation.

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