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Are you international entrepreneur looking to expand your business or obtain representation in the Chinese market?

Is China easy to penetrate?

The Chinese business market and culture, is not easy to be comprehended by foreign investors. Language obstacles, bureaucracy and governmental challenges are factors which can be risky (or unexpected undertaking).

How can you start a company or business in China

We help entrepreneurs to establish their Chinese company, and promote their products or services in the right target market among the different Chinese territories. We form an analytical strategic plan to penetrate China or register a local company and bank account.

Company Registration & Representation

We can provide personalized/customized company formation consulting & setup services for your business:

Chinese Company Formation & Registration
Choose a company registration lawyer, choose best taxation city, name registration, prep and filling of documents, official company registration papers & seal, corporate bank account & debit cards registration.
Corporate Governance
Equity stock types, mergers & acquisition, cap table, intellectual property rights & transfer, taxation issues.
Business Development
Locate, evaluate, contact, meet relevant prospects.
Vendors, suppliers and professional services arrangement.
Local Market Research
Research local ecosystem, big players, fund & investors, suppliers, target group, strategic partners, competition, distribution & promotion channels, market & business specific legislation.

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