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Launch A Digital Music Label

Digital Music Label

Artist’s and traditional record labels want to set up their own digital music label and go to a global market. What it takes to actually do it?

The challenge

The hard cash of the golden age of physical formats is over. Nowadays digital is the king, but sales are typically smaller and come from independent artists and music performance holds the lion's share when it comes to revenue. So how do you transform a traditional record label into digital, get your tracks to the big online distributors, build a name in a saturated market, attract the attention and take that elusive first step to millions of new music consumers?

Our solution for music business

You will need to follow certain guidelines if you want to be operating a label efficiently and quickly. We look to the long-term, form your music business & marketing structure, set the production and operations value chain guidelines and arrange required legal issues. We help you put your first artists online. Finally we make sure you run an innovative digital label with music products available anywhere, anytime.

Consulting & Mentoring

We can provide personalized/customized professional mentoring & execution for your business acceleration:

Business plan, executive summary, pitch deck.
Market Research
We define your target market, market segments & trends, target group, competition.
Corporate Image & Identity
Name, logo, image, identity, values, vision, mission statement, branding.
Products & Repertoire
Music genre, music repertoire (box sets, medleys, compilations, remixes, album, tracks, real tones, ring back tones), videos (clips, interviews, backstage, concerts), lyrics, photos & illustrations (covers, wallpapers), mobile & social games.
Locating studios & filming locations, production & post production.
Meta data generation, digitization, storage, genres categorization, legal aspects, copyrights, terms.
Vendors, suppliers and professional services arrangement.
5 years profit & loss plan, cash flow, investors ROI.
International physical (music shops, department stores, concert kiosks, magazines & newspapers), and digital (internet, mobile, pay-tv, devices, kiosks) distribution.
Content & repertoire sales strategy, concerts & tours sales, sponsorship sales, artist management, 3rd party performance & broadcasting rights.
Online & digital promotion (web, social media, email, google search), traditional promotion (radio, tv, press, outdoor, venues & clubs).

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Training & Coaching

We prepare and deliver customized training courses to your executives critical for your business success.

Strategy, culture, creativity, change management, idea generation, crowd-sourcing, customer Insights, new product/service development, disruptive marketing.
Soft Skills
Productivity, leadership, crisis & conflict management, motivation, managing resources, timelines, meetings, teams communication.
Online & Social Media
Digital culture & netiquette, dos & don’ts, web & mobile marketing, web, mobile & email marketing channels, social media & networks, social media marketing channels, social media community building, design & development, web platforms, web & social media monitoring tools, analytics, web & social advertising, google advertising, search engine optimization.

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