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What it takes to transform your marketing or advertising agency into a digital agency? How can you enter the digital world and stay in the digital loop?

The challenge

To become a digital agency is not an easy task. You must improve your offering with new digital marketing & advertising services, support your campaigns with web, mobile, email and social media (aka digital) channels, understand the market, know the technology, update on digital trends, hire specialized people, outsource to contractors. A nice idea, but it takes guts to actually go for it.

Our solution for your digital agency

We help you start your company or unit, analyze costs, sell new digital services, hire the proper team, train and inspire your people and support the day to day operations for the digital production or community building. The one stop solution for your digital transformation.

Consulting & Mentoring

We can provide personalized/customized professional mentoring & execution for your business acceleration:

Business Check-up
We check your corporate governance (team, financials, product, pricing, distribution, promotion) and suggest changes.
Market Research
We define your target market, market segments & trends, target group, competition.
Business plan, executive summary, pitch deck.
Corporate Image & Identity
Name, logo, image, identity, values, vision, mission statement, branding.
Product(s) or service(s) development, value proposition, action plan, project management.
Placement, channels, distributors, re-sellers.
Vendors, suppliers and professional services arrangement.
Go to market strategy, advertising & media strategy, communication strategy, metrics, conversions/churn/virality assumptions, online & offline budget, action plan.
Cost analysis, revenue streams & model, affiliates, pricing.
Business Development
Locate, evaluate, contact, meet relevant prospects.

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Training & Coaching

We prepare and deliver customized training courses to your executives critical for your business success.

Online & Social Media
Digital culture & netiquette, dos & don’ts, web & mobile marketing, web, mobile & email marketing channels, social media & networks, social media marketing channels, social media community building, design & development, web platforms, web & social media monitoring tools, analytics, web & social advertising, google advertising, search engine optimization.
Strategy, culture, creativity, change management, idea generation, crowd-sourcing, customer Insights, new product/service development, disruptive marketing.
Soft Skills
Productivity, leadership, crisis & conflict management, motivation, managing resources, timelines, meetings, teams communication.

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For more info contact us or check our training FAQ.

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