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Web & Mobile Publishing

You want to be your own boss and run your own portal, blog or mobile app publishing all kind of content online?

The challenge

Running a site or a blog is a business, not a hobby and making money on the internet can be very hard nowadays. A site that can lead to passive income needs hard work on creating and editing quality content, a great technology that can support articles, images and videos and can support mobile devices, a solid marketing strategy to reach the critical mass, and a complete sales strategy for different revenue streams beyond just Google ads.

Our solution for web & mobile publishers

We support you all the way from an idea to final publishing and sales. We analyze your target audience, study the required publishing technology across different platforms and channels (from a blog to a web-tv streaming solution), form your marketing strategy and plan, set the sales strategy and revenue streams, train your team. We help you publish great content, earn revenue, increase engagement, drive up traffic. The one stop shop for online publishing.

Consulting & Mentoring

We can provide personalized/customized professional mentoring & execution for your business acceleration:

Market Research
We define your target market, market segments & trends, target group, competition.
Business plan, executive summary, pitch deck.
5 years profit & loss plan, cash flow, investors ROI.
Corporate Image & Identity
Name, logo, image, identity, values, vision, mission statement, branding.
Product(s) or service(s) development, value proposition, action plan, project management.
Hosting selection, hosting installation & customization
Look & Feel
Layouts, colors, typography, buttons, elements, modules
content structure, text copywriting (titles, body), graphics & icons, photos acquisition & editing, update frequency
user interface (menus, submenus, breadcrumbs), user experience, mobile responsive adaptation
Project Planning
Researching required steps, prioritization, time availability, desired deliverables, project detailed requirements
Design & Development
Project management for: content management installation, template creation & adaptation, customization, programming, plugins installation & customization
Go to market strategy, advertising & media strategy, communication strategy, metrics, conversions/churn/virality assumptions, online & offline budget, action plan.
Online & Social Media Marketing
Search engine advertising, search engine optimization, web advertising, mobile advertising, social media, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing.
Placement, channels, distributors, re-sellers.
Vendors, suppliers and professional services arrangement.
Cost analysis, revenue streams & model, affiliates, pricing.

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Training & Coaching

We prepare and deliver customized training courses to your executives critical for your business success.

Strategy, culture, creativity, change management, idea generation, crowd-sourcing, customer Insights, new product/service development, disruptive marketing.
Online & Social Media
Digital culture & netiquette, dos & don’ts, web & mobile marketing, web, mobile & email marketing channels, social media & networks, social media marketing channels, social media community building, design & development, web platforms, web & social media monitoring tools, analytics, web & social advertising, google advertising, search engine optimization.

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