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Fund Raising Campaign

Entrepreneur pitching to investors


What it takes to prepare your business plan, pitch in front of investors, and finally raise money for your start-up?

How can I raise funds from investors?

3 steps for a startup to raise money

Entrepreneurs trying to transform their idea or scale need money. They should learn their business plan, practice on pitching and have their files ready.

What investors ask for?

Investors are trying to find the next big thing and achieve the best ROI. It takes good presentation skills, proper preparation, certain actions, a solid strategy and perfect knowledge of what investors need.

Need help to find and pitch investors?

Fund raising is art. We help you get your files tuned, practice on your pitching skills, learn the answers to all possible questions, understand the corporate governance and investment terms and finally locate investors to pitch. Hire our services to complete your investment round faster!

Consulting & Mentoring

We can provide personalized/customized professional mentoring & execution for your business acceleration:

Files Check-up
We check your pitch deck, executive summary, profit & loss plan and business plan and suggest changes.
Corporate Governance
Company formation/registration, cap table, bank accounts, option pool.
Fund Raising Strategy
Prepare files, profiles, locate investors and funds focusing on your market.
Fund Raising Campaign
Contacting investors, following up, pitching on events & investors, terms negotiation, sign agreements.

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Training & Coaching

We prepare and deliver customized training courses to your executives critical for your business success.

Soft Skills
Productivity, leadership, crisis & conflict management, motivation, managing resources, timelines, meetings, teams communication.
Strategy, culture, creativity, change management, idea generation, crowd-sourcing, customer Insights, new product/service development, disruptive marketing.
Public Speaking
Pitching for sales & investors, voice and body language, content and structure, audience engagement, quality of execution, effective presentations, elevator pitch.

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For more info contact us or check our training FAQ.

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