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Start-up Revenue Model

Revenue Model

What is the best monetization model for your products and services for your online business?

The challenge

Choosing from several revenue streams and many different types of revenue models is not easy. Even better inventing your own unique revenue model is a hassle. A strong and innovative revenue model is very important for early stage start-ups. It generates money and can also attract investors who are very conscious of a nice monetization model.

Our solution for revenue model

We help you search, compare and disrupt the available revenue models for your relevant market. Pay as you go, subscriptions, micro transactions, ad supported, free to premium, you name it. We make it happen. Your next transaction is one click away.

Consulting & Mentoring

We can provide personalized/customized professional mentoring & execution for your business acceleration:

Business Check-up
We check your corporate governance (team, financials, product, pricing, distribution, promotion) and suggest changes.
Market Research
We define your target market, market segments & trends, target group, competition.
Product(s) or service(s) development, value proposition, action plan, project management.
Cost analysis, revenue streams & model, affiliates, pricing.
Business Development
Locate, evaluate, contact, meet relevant prospects.
Placement, channels, distributors, re-sellers.
Go to market strategy, advertising & media strategy, communication strategy, metrics, conversions/churn/virality assumptions, online & offline budget, action plan.

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Training & Coaching

We prepare and deliver customized training courses to your executives critical for your business success.

Soft Skills
Productivity, leadership, crisis & conflict management, motivation, managing resources, timelines, meetings, teams communication.
Strategy, culture, creativity, change management, idea generation, crowd-sourcing, customer Insights, new product/service development, disruptive marketing.

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