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Mobile Games Design

Mobile Games Design

Dream of creating a mobile game to entertain your consumers or maybe become a game publisher? Wondering what it takes to launch a great mobile game?

The challenge

Gaming industry is huge, competition moves faster, technology changes day by day. The barriers to entry have never been higher and the marketing cost to generate users, retention and transactions goes up. Designing a game is a hard task, designing a successful game is art.

Our solution for your mobile game

Passionate gamers ourselves, we can help you author, design and produce a great cross-platform game, market it and grow your users base while you generate revenue.

Consulting & Mentoring

We can provide personalized/customized professional mentoring & execution for your mobile game:

Identifying the target users, goals, competition, platforms & devices, server & back-end, revenue model, technology.
Design & Development
Project management for: sketches, wire-frames, storyboards, user experience and interface, graphics, sounds, animations, coding, analytics, back end integration, databases, server, transactions.
Quality Assurance
Testing, debugging, simulating scenarios, metrics capturing, apple, android and windows reviewing & acceptance process.
Getting featured, monitoring, listening and controlling reviews, promotion with install ads, pushing publicity.
Analytics, user feedback, research, updates, upgrades, expansions.
Game Business Model
Revenue model (free premium, ads, subscriptions, micro transactions, virtual coins, payments.

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