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Social Games & Apps Design

Social Games & Apps Design

Want your brand to increase it's digital footprint and implement loyalty programs by using Facebook social games and applications as a vehicle?

The challenge

You have a brilliant idea for a Facebook application in your head, but you have no resources to produce this. Most social games or apps are failing to follow Facebook guidelines, they have ineffective calls to action, they are not following with a good promotion, and they don't have clear instructions on how to participate. Thus they become ineffective and useless.

Our solution for your social app or game

We bring your application visions (contests, promotions, games, informative) to life. We support you when planning, designing or promoting your apps so you manage to capture the attention of the social network users and turn them into potential subscribers or loyal clients.

Consulting & Mentoring

We can provide personalized/customized professional mentoring & execution for your social app:

Identifying the target users, goals, competition, platforms, server & back end, revenue model, technology.
Design & Development
Project management for: sketches, wire-frames, storyboards, user experience and interface, graphics, sounds, animations, coding, analytics, back end integration, databases, server, transactions.
Analytics, user feedback, research, updates, upgrades, expansions.
Go to market strategy, advertising & media strategy, communication strategy, metrics, conversions/churn/virality assumptions, online & offline budget, action plan.

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